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American Bird ConservancyI hope I'll be excused for posting this off-topic message because it doesn't apply to CT birds.  Since there's been discussion and angst about Whooping Crane shootings, I'm forwarding this because it includes a link to a petition to pursue those responsible for Louisiana shootings.

Barbara Garrett

Subject: ABC's Bird of the Week: Whooping Crane

      World's Rarest Crane 
            Still in Danger:
            Whooping Crane 

            The Whooping Crane is named for its call, which can be heard over great distances thanks to the bird's extra-long trachea, which coils around its breastbone twice like a French horn. Like other cranes, the Whooper is noisy; the word "crane" comes from the Anglo-Saxon "cran," which means "to cry out."

            The tallest flying bird in North America, Whooping Cranes measure up to five feet tall with a seven-to eight-foot wingspan. The species also has another distinction: It is the rarest crane in the world. Several decades ago, it almost disappeared forever due to habitat loss and hunting.

            Still extremely rare, Whooping Cranes are on the WatchList and protected as an endangered species. Sadly, up to one-quarter of all Whoopers are shot and killed. (Participate in our action alert to bring the shooters to justice.)

            Learn more about the plight of the wild whoopers >> 


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