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kevindoyle01 kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Sat Mar 15 19:41:17 EDT 2014

Found today on the Housatonic River in the Derby area a little Cove which is still iced over but slushy roughly 100 ducks maybe more. Many Hoodies with partners, Ring Necks both male & female, Common Mergansers, Buffleheads, Mallards and several I don't know until I download captures and look them up. Many were roughly 50 feet off the road Rt. 34. Found a pull-off and played their game, I get close they swim in the opposite direction ... I'd move they move. So I positioned myself in a good clearing and let the Ducks come to me. Hopefully some good captures since I was shooting into highly reflective water.

Stratford boat ramp proved beneficial also. I believe 6 different ducks and one I don't know but it was the only one. Got a few captures but it swam out into the bay rather than closer.

Milford Point proved to be a bust. One pair of Common Mergansers and one lone American Oyster Catcher.

If any duck experts can let me know when these feathered beauties migrate through it would be most appreciated.

If you don't know about Horseshoe Pond in Wilton, off Rt.7 around the first week of April I've had fairly decent success with Wood Ducks, Hoodies,  Ring Necks and a few surprises. 

To end I was told a Snowy Owl was within photographable distance at the park in Bridgeport. After thorough examination I found nothing. Did anyone out here about this or was lead on a wild goose chase.

Kevin Doyle from New Milford
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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