[CT Birds] Lantern Hill Pond, North Stonington

Dezeit dezeit at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 16 19:49:00 EDT 2014

>From around 4:30-6:30 pm today, at the boat launch, viewing the pond: 


Osprey! (flying with fish, then perching in tree)

Tree Swallows! (about 18, working the water, swooping over the ice,
patrolling the marsh grasses)

Ring-neck ducks, 6 males

Red-Winged blackbirds 

Hooded mergansers, 2 pair

Red breasted merganser, 1 pair

Double Crested cormorant fly-by

Wood duck, 1 pair 

Green-winged teal  (3 arrive later in the day)

Black vultures

Turkey vultures

Red tailed hawk

American black ducks



Plus, a pair of Common Mergansers at Long Pond, just south down the road ~
.5 mile.





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