[CT Birds] White-tailed Hawk ?

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 22:41:32 EDT 2014

Mark Szantyr sent the following from today. Greg Hanisek

"Joy and I saw a bird today along I95 east of exit 70 southbound that I believe was an adult White-tailed Hawk.  We saw a large Red-tailed size raptor sitting very exposed over the highway.  We first saw it dorsally as we approached and the back appeared solidly dark charcoal gray brown with zero mottling.  The wings were very long, completely covering the tail and no tail could be seen.  As we passed the bird, the ventral side was completely clean white from the throat throughout the rest of the underparts.  The head and face were the same dark charcoal gray brown of the back of the bird.  We did not see the chestnut at the shoulders but the light was sort of low at the time.  The entire dorsal aspect seemed very dark.The very long-winged / short tailed look and the high contrast dark and light matched well with adult White-tailed Hawks I have seen in Texas.  We came back on the highway but the bird was gone.  We did see a hawk clear the
 treetops in the same area but no details could be seen.  This area is just prior to the CT river bridge.  The Mass. record  and the New Jersey record were in April 2006."  Mark Szantyr

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