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Wed Mar 19 16:29:01 EDT 2014

Tuesday, March 18, Hammonasset, Meigs Point- 1 adult Black-headed Gull  
(with the smudgy hood), 1- 2nd cycle Iceland Gull near the jetty at  
12:30 pm. Bonaparte's Gulls were increasing (75-100). The Bonaparte's  
Gulls were starting to build just east of the Meigs Point jetty at  
slack tide. The Black-headed Gull arrived from the west with a small  
group of Bonaparte's Gulls which settled for a few minutes, and then  
all flew off to the east neat the Kelsey Point breakwater joining the  
large group of Gulls, Brant and Scaup surface feeding.

Wednesday, March 19: Windsor Landfill- 1-2nd cycle Iceland Gull with  
the 450 Gulls that were building in numbers. Not much else with the  
exception of a single dark-eyed adult Herring Gull, a darker mantled  
adult Herring Gull, and 3 small Greater Black-backed Gulls with long  
primary extensions and dull yellow legs. A Bald Eagle flew in at 12:30  
and scattered the Gulls....half flew back, the other half kettled out  
to the north.

Wethersfield Cove- 3 banded Ring-billed Gulls (1 from Mass., the other  
2 from the University of Quebec)

Hanover Pond, Meriden, 1 banded Ring-billed Gull (University of Quebec)

Plenty of Gulls around!

Keith Mueller

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