[CT Birds] 03/19/2014

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Thu Mar 20 00:09:47 EDT 2014

 From Bill Banks with Hanisek and Bruce Finnan:
03/19/14 - Enfield, Barnes boat launch -- Red-necked Grebe continues.
Wallingford -- Greater White-fronted Goose east of winery in field
1349 mailbox, before Cook Road.

 From Rob Mirer:
03/19/14 - East Haddam, Salmon Cove -- morning; the Tundra Swan
continues to earn a living pulling up vegetation.

 From Steve Spector:
03/19/14 - Milford, Mondo Ponds -- 12:45-1:30 PM; 1 Redhead (drake,
spent most of the time snoozing on large rock with gulls and geese;
could not find hen).  1 Fox Sparrow near Naugatuck parking area.

 From Ernie Harris:
03/19/14 - West (?) Hartford -- 7:15 PM; While driving Prospect Ave.
between Asylum and Albany, a Woodcock flew low over our car.

 From Keith Mueller:
03/19/14 - Windsor, Windsor Landfill -- 1 2nd cycle Iceland Gull.

 From Steve Broker, Bob Pease:
03/18/14 -  Woodbridge, West Rock Ridge -- 5 to 5:18 PM -- 2 Peregrine

 From Jan Collins:
03/18/14 - Somers, yard -- 1 flyover COMMON RAVEN.
West Hartford, McCauley Residence -- on my way into Hartford Audubon's
Wildlife Series lecture 1 AMERICAN WOODCOCK, peenting and displaying
in the residence courtyard, perhaps to himself in the reflection of
the windows or perhaps there was a female lurking in the shrubbery. At
any rate an unexpected location!

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