[CT Birds] Sharpie vs Coop: grey tone distinction?

Joe Cala joejr14 at aol.com
Sun Mar 23 12:24:10 EDT 2014


Is Crystal suggesting the darker back being a useable field mark and citing the source as that website--that shows 4 total pictures?  I've never heard of the darkness of the back being an acceptable or useable field mark to separate Cooper's and Sharp-shinned...or even something to consider before.  Trying to compare gray tones in separate pictures in different conditions creates an entirely new set of issues.  

While the darkness/coloration of the back can certainly be used to help sex the birds (males being darker deep blue, females being a colder gray/blue), again, I've never heard it being used to separate Cooper's and Sharp-shinned.  Perhaps what Crystal is seeing and comparing are males and females?

In any event, your bird in question is a Cooper's Hawk--and it just further goes to show that you don't try and ID accips based on a single (in this case, suspect) field mark.  The bird has a large squared head, pale nape, and long tail which all makes this a Coop.  Nothing about this bird looks Sharpie to me.  

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