[CT Birds] gulls and ducks

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 24 15:16:05 EDT 2014

>From Greg Hanisek, Bruce Finnan

3-24 Milford, Villa Rosa - 125 Bonaparte's Gulls at low tide (around noon)

Guilford, Shell Beach marsh (earlier) - I was happy to see that we came up with very similar numbers to Paul Wolter et al. on the ducks in the marsh. We also rough-counterd 400 Green-winged Teal, and I put the predominant Black Ducks at c. 700. We had the same other species in similar numbers. Out in the cove, the gulls weren't there when we arrived, but farther out was a big raft of about 1000 Scaup (pesumably almost all Greater Scaup at that location) with a few other expected things (Buffleheads, both loons, a few Horned Grebes). An earlier stop at Hammo produced nothing that hasn't been reported from there in the last couple days.

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