[CT Birds] Assorted Reports

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue Mar 25 21:31:51 EDT 2014

Passing these along.

 From Joan Tinson:
Glastonbury 2PM sitting in my garden eyeing the bird feeders an adult
northern goshawk.

 From SH Johnston:
03/25/2014 --
Farmington Meadows, Farmington - 10
 SNOW GEESE. 8 adults and 2 subadults. (increase from 8 individuals on 
3/24) All white morph. Feeding with Canada Geese on north side of Meadow
 road, in the community garden (which, sad to report, was completely 
mown bare in the fall, eradicating formerly productive sparrow habitat).
 Lake, Farmington - 3 COMMON GOLDENEYE, 1m, 2f; first time I've seen 
these in this location. Many Hooded Mergansers and a few Common 
Mergansers, along with many Canada Geese. Riverside Cemetery quiet 
today; no sign of the Canvasbacks.
Avon, Thompson Brook where it 
crosses Tillotson Farm Road - 1 possible CACKLING GOOSE in with about 
two dozen Canada Geese. I got a quick look as it raised its head from a 
sleeping position, then tucked back in; it was hard to discern field 
marks, but it seemed small next to the Canadas.

 From Claudia Horwatt:
10 Snow Geese feeding in the open corn fields on Meadow Road, Farmington, CT 3/25 @ 5:30pm

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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