[CT Birds] Hybrid Black-headed Gull

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Wed Mar 26 20:57:10 EDT 2014

The hybrid Black-headed Gull originally found by Paul Cianfaglione and  
identified by Patrick Comins was at Wethersfield Cove this afternoon.  
I was there this morning just after daybreak, but there were only 23  
Gulls there.....Eagles scattered the roost.

I stopped back at 3:30 this afternoon to less than 100 Gulls...but  
they slowly filtered in until there were over 500 Gulls there by 5:00  
pm. But the Gull still hadn't arrived. I was thinking about leaving  
thinking this Gull was a "one-hit wonder" when it was suddenly  
standing 15 feet from my truck at 5:30 pm in the parking lot. I was  
able to take many close images including a few good flying shots.  
These images are now being evaluated by Patrick and a few others.

It is a really gorgeous Gull! Thanks Paul for finding it! I will post  
images of the Gull tomorrow on my Facebook page.

Keith Mueller

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