[CT Birds] Hermit Thrush-He's Back

twomirers at comcast.net twomirers at comcast.net
Wed Mar 26 23:12:31 EDT 2014

We had a Hermit Thrush at our feeders daily from Feb. 18 through Mar. 7. Not seen since then..........until late this afternoon (Wed). I assume it’s a male-not venturing too far south from its breeding territory (or, if it’s in its 2nd year, not far from its natal territory). And I’m assuming it’s the same bird-hanging out in the same spots, similar behavior at the feeder. But it looks a bit different, so can’t be sure if it is actually the same individual. The breast spotting appears more distinct-in sharper focus, and the complete white eye ring is more prominent. According to Bent, the Catharus thrushes acquire their alternate plumage through abrasion of feathers, not through a late winter molt (though back in the day they were neither classified as Catharus, nor was this plumage called “alternate”-“nuptial” plumage was the term he favored). I like to think that we helped this little guy make it through a tough winter. And he has helped us do the same.

Rob Mirer

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