[CT Birds] On Not Seeing a Snowy Owl

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 29 17:59:57 EDT 2014

   For the 5th time, I went down to Hammo for this bird. It is not a
   lifer...I have even seen them on the arctic tundra...but it was
   becoming a point of honor. It rained today. I have suffered for this
   bird. It was seen at the end of the Moraine Trail but of course I did
   not see it. Cedar Island was a bust.
   I started thinking about what I HAVE seen instead of the owl:
   A lifer Black-headed Gull
   Gorgeous horned larks and a Lapland longspur
   Many gull species doing interesting things
   Dunlin so close I could almost touch them
   Ruddy turnstones
   Black-bellied Plovers
   Red-breasted Mergs at their finest
   Osprey circling two platforms
   Hooded Mergs displaying
   Two Black Ducks courting and mating...I had never seen the head bobbing
   display before
   Loons diving for lunch
   A Snowy Egret
   An Osprey today on the ground by the side of the exit road, so close I
   rolled down my window and could see all the facial colors without bins
   American Oystercatchers
   Various sparrows
   Harbor Seals
   And more!
   Even if you don't get your hoped-for bird, there is so much more to

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