[CT Birds] Update on Hybrid Black-headed Gull, relocated (likely) on Prince Edward Island!

Comins, Patrick PCOMINS at audubon.org
Sun Mar 30 18:05:05 EDT 2014

?The consensus seems to be that the bird Paul found and was also photographed be Keith and me is most likely a hybrid Ring-billed X Black-headed Gull.   Some examples of various hybrid combinations between Black-headed, Mediterranean, Common and Ring-billed Gulls can be found here:


A bird thought to be this hybrid combination was photographed near Cornell in 2002:


And one was hanging around Portland, ME harbor for at least one winter back around that same time period.

In any case, the bird was last seen by Keith I believe on March 27th.  The bird was likely relocated yesterday on Prince Edward Island!


Paul's, Keith's and my photos can be seen at the below links.



Another hybrid combination that has been mentioned is Laughing X Ring-billed, but these birds tend to have more of an orange (and larger) bill, orange legs, a darker mantle shade and more prominent eye crescents:



PS Get out and check those puddles over the next few days!

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