[CT Birds] Snowy Owl

kevindoyle01 at charter.net kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Wed Apr 2 00:06:09 EDT 2014

Today Tuesday @ Hammo I spent the entire day photographing and watching 
the snowy owl. It was sitting a few hundred feet from where the 
butterfly garden is out in the marsh. It appeared to have been eating 
from the way it's head was moving and the owl seemed to move whatever to 
a spot where it was hidden at least from my view for a while. Then it 
hopped flew to dead stump roughly 50 feet closer where I was and others 
photographing when it flew and perched on a nesting box where it sat for 
hours. I was asked by a Megis Nature Center worker if I noticed any kind 
of unusual markings on the breast of the owl, at first I didn't but upon 
further examination of the captures there is definitely something there 
that shouldn't be.

Todd Secki from  "A PLACE CALLED HOPE" was called in to investigate. he 
specializing in the rescue and care of raptors. Telephone (203) 804-3453 
or (203)214-2846. He ventured out towards the owl to get better pictures 
and to see how the bird flew.  About 1/2 there it flew to the osprey 
nest. Again Todd got even closer when it then flew to the tree line. We 
chatted and roughly 6:30 we split and 6:45 the owl returned to the 
osprey nest,I guess to survey the land then sleep. Several times on the 
nesting box it was buzzed by gulls but couldn't have cared less, it was 
only when 2 crows approached while it was sleeping did it posture itself 
then went back to napping.

Todd seems to think and by those who have reported that the owl maybe 
injured requested if any one has decent captures with it standing up so 
you can see it's breast he'd like to see these pictures. I'm sending 
mine tomorrow. If you reply I'll send you his email.

Despite from the reports that it might be injured Todd told me it looks 
healthy and there's no doubt it can fly and seems to have no trouble 
doing it. At the end as we were leaving the osprey returned well need to 
say the owl would have none of that. It appears that this territory for 
the time being belongs to this owl.

For me seeing my first real owl in it's environment were special. Lets 
hope this bird is healthy and can find it's way home soon.

Kevin Doyle
from New Milford,CT
kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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