[CT Birds] Eastern Phoebe arrival on 4/2 at A.W. Stanley Park in New Britain

Don Crockett doncrockett63 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 23:33:34 EDT 2014

I heard an Eastern Phoebe for the 1st time today, 4/2, at A.W Stanley Park.

I never saw the bird since it was moving around a lot. Normally they nest
under the bridge over the brook from Batterson that feeds the upper "pond"
and stay in that area. Typically you'll see them above and below the bridge
close to the brook and the bridge. I heard this bird from the bridge to
start but it moved away from the brook and toward the lower pond so I
wasn't ever able to get a look at it. It was very vocal, calling
continuously (establishing territory?). It'll be interesting to see
tomorrow whether there's a Phoebe hanging around closer to the bridge...


Don Crockett
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