[CT Birds] Rehabbed birds

John Ogren northernrail at comcast.net
Thu Apr 3 18:57:04 EDT 2014

Late post but 2 Great Egrets in Plum Bank Marsh, Old Saybrook, on April 1. I have been keeping track of their arrival for 12+ years and they have shown up with 2 days of 4/1 every year.(one exception, last year 1 week early).
On a sad note today I found 2 dead Woodcock on my project in New Haven on Waterfront Street under the high transmission lines coming from the UI plant. Not sure if they hit the power lines or maybe were hit by cars on the new Q bridge close by. For some strange reason I never find dead or injured starlings or house sparrows. 8 years ago it was a Peregrine with a broken wing that I brought to a local rehabber and was saved. 6 years ago a young Osprey, again saved. 2 years ago a Sora Rail sadly didn't make it. Last year a Screech Owl which was again released successfully. Strange that they are all "uncommon" birds.
John Ogren

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