[CT Birds] Nature's Mystery

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 5 01:18:38 EDT 2014

4/4. Stratford, Long Beach, 4pm - Only about 200 Scaup and virtually no gulls. (Further east at Lordship Seawall, Russian Beach, Stratford Point - virtually no birds along the shore/offshore at all). 
This where exactly 24 hours earlier there were tens of thousands of birds covering the water in a plankton-feeding frenzy.
Where did they all go, so fast? What changed. Friday the wind was out of the East. I suspect the mass exodus occurred to some other part of LI Sound where the food source was now abundant. Wherever that was, it was not within binocular view of Stratford. Anyone on the coast -in CT or NY - see large numbers of birds on Friday? One of Nature's mysteries.

Frank Mantlik

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