[CT Birds] Fw: Coffee

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 9 09:47:53 EDT 2014

I think I have posted before about choosing organic/shade grown coffee to help protect bird habitat in the coffee growing countries. I have also recommended choosing McDonald's when on the road because they use Newman's Own organic coffee, supposedly. In addition, Newman's gives its profits to charitable efforts such as the Hole in the Wall Gang camp for kids in CT with serious medical issues.


I got my usual cup this week and noted they had changed it....it no longer says Newman's Own organic. I emailed their "question and concern" address asking what was actually in my cup. I got a response that clearly was not an answer. It said I would have to inquire at each individual McDonald's to see what they were using. 


Their website still says they are using Newman's Own, roasted by Green Mt coffee. I am pretty ticked off by this. My next step is to go to the top and contact the CEO. I will probably get the same wishy washy answer. But meanwhile, I am retracting my former recommendation about choosing McDonalds. 



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