[CT Birds] {HASnotes} Coffee recommendation: Birds and Beans

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 10 07:26:02 EDT 2014

I have had some dealings with Birds and Beans a couple of years ago. I was thinking of starting a coffee buyers club at the Hartford Audubon, but this proved too time-consuming for me what with record keeping and delivery at meetings. We were also hoping to serve this coffee at our meetings. This would require someone to come in early to start the coffee going, and handle getting the milk, sugar, etc.  We did this at one meeting a while back. If anyone would like to volunteer to take charge of these projects at Hartford Audubon, let me know.

I like their coffee but if you buy from them as an individual, the cost of shipping is high unless you buy in large quantities. I buy my coffee for home use at a few local shops...organic and shade-grown.


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