[CT Birds] Hammo ospreys no snowy

kevindoyle01 kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Thu Apr 10 20:31:50 EDT 2014

I arrived at Hammo roughly 11:30 today and found the nest near the nature center empty. It wasn't too long that something flew out of the grass. I thought maybe the owl but it was an osprey. Fooling around on the nest it started calling out wildly. Looking up there were 2 osprey buzzing the nest with the one on the defending it. Never actually leaving it. This occurred 2 more times about 30 minutes apart. What was wild the 4 returned in separate pairs landing in the grass fighting. This observation was the 1st I've seen observing and photographing ospreys over 6 years.

Finally with the commotion over another osprey materialized. The osprey on the nest was chirping more in away that it knew who was coming with several diving attempts the osprey came in with a fish and now I figured out the female defended the nest and it was the male with the fish.

The male took off ... partially eating the fish returning with the fish and now the female taking off with the fish. It wasn't too long that male took off, landed in the grass where roughly 1/2 hour passed when both birds took off heading too the nest in tandem again another first ... The male then landed on the back of the female and mating occured. Several minutes later both took off one to the grass another (knowing now) the female landed on one of the nest boxes. To make a long story short mating occured twice on the box and 2 more times on the nest. A total of 5 times over a 4 hour period.

I must assume with my osprey knowledge this nest is now their's and the owl may have left or is hanging out elsewhere. Upon leaving at 4:30 the female was sitting on the box while the male took off heading out to open water.

This maybe good news for those who may have wondered might happen to this pair. They may have lost a week but I still believe there's time to raise a brood. Possibly just one this year.

Now a photographic technical problem for those in the know. I'm using a Nikon D7000 and just got the Sigma 50-500 zoom with OS and upon looking through the view finder my focus lights indicated focus but the capture wasn't.  I messed around with menu and tried everything I could. None of the zoom range was in focus but test shots 20 feet away are perfect. I have 300 captures that are worthless. If anyone has a clue it would be greatly appreciated and I'd be more than happy to send samples for you to examine.

To not have captures of today's action $@&#! Since most of today's antics I saw for the first time.  Some I win but I also loose a lot.

Thanks to whoever can help.

Kevin Doyle ... New Milford, CT
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net


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