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Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 15 06:35:57 EDT 2014

Some of you might have read the lead article in today's Science section of the New York Times about innovative ways to provide habitat for birds in California's rice fields:


A colleague here at UConn has been developing similar approaches to fund conservation on farmland, by working for the past few years with farmers in New England who have nesting grassland birds in their fields.  The poster child for this work, has been some sites in Rhode Island.  My colleague has asked that I post the information below regarding that project.  I hope it does not go beyond the bounds of what is appropriate for this list. (Note, I am not involved in the work myself, but anyone interested in the project can follow the contact information at: www.bobolinkproject.com).

Message from project leader follows:

The Bobolink Project for Rhode Island is nearing the deadline for 
Jamestown (April 15) and Aquidneck Island (April 21). Both communities 
far short of the funding goals 
needed to achieve success, particularly as we are within hours of the 
deadline for Jamestown. Remember, the Bobolink Project only retains 
donations that will be used specifically to provide for grassland nesting birds on farms in communities that donors choose. To obtain a hayfield for Jamestown’s Bobolinks, we probably need about 
60 additional participants (we’ll keep the web site hope through mid-day April 16).  Aquidneck needs more as well (deadline April 21).  Supporters can go to www.bobolinkproject.com to learn details and click on the “Pledge 
Now” tab (or button) to offer a donation to support a field … anyone can “enter as guest” and choose to support either Jamestown or Aquidneck 
Island, RI  fields (or they can contribute to Vermont too).  The deadlines are essential to the needs of our 
cooperating farmers’ to plan.
Chris Elphick
Storrs, CT
elphick at sbcglobal.net

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