[CT Birds] Cedar Hill RH Woodpecker - yes

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Thu Apr 17 19:48:35 EDT 2014

Or should I say: Heck yes! Thanks for the heads-up, ctbirders. This was the first adult one I've seen.

Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford ~5:45-6:15, Red Headed Woodpecker at the intersection of sections 2, 9 + 10. Excellent looks at him, and he was still there when I left. A woman I met (Ruth, IIC...) said he has been seen there before. A Brown Thrasher was also in the same area, seen quite close at one point when he was noisily foraging under the bushes (and, at one point, landing high in a tree and letting out a loud call for 5 minutes without pausing for breath).

I go to CHC a lot, but this is one part I've almost never stopped at. A map of the sections is here:

Jonah Cohen

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