[CT Birds] Tricolored Heron and Hibrid Great Egret, complete with bright green lores and long aigrettes.

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sat Apr 19 08:03:04 EDT 2014

(Because Yahoo subscribers can not post I am passing this along for Robert.   Roy)

Two days ago I caught a First Time Lifetime Tricolored Heron behind the 
Beachhead Restaurant on Cosey Beach Avenue East Haven. That was taking a left turn at the beach from Coe Avenue. I went back today to try and 
get a better shot if the bird was still around today. He wasn't, but the Osprey was on the platform 100 yards from the restaurant. I drove to 
the other end of Cosey Beach Avenue and saw what I thought was an 
ordinary everyday Great Egret. I had all the tie in the world, but took 
two photographs and moved on thinking, nothing to see here as there are 
Great Egrets everywhere right now, indeed there was another one right at the end of the road, opposite Brazo's Road. Another Osprey was on the 
nest a few yards from the road. When I came home I checked the images I 
had and noticed the bright green lores and beautiful long aigrettes of a high-br Great Egret (Crossley's term). (First Time 

I don't have your equipment guys, but I have found some superb birds recently. I need a guide dog and a millionaire sponsor. :-)

Chipping Sparrow on the rotary at the West Beach in Hammonasset (First Time 
Lifetime) on Wednesday with Cowbirds, Robins, Grackles, Starlings and a 
Northern Flicker. 48 species on Wednesday without the Boat Tailed 
Grackles or any of the Swallows at Hammonasset.

Robert Hutton
rvhuk at yahoo.com

New Haven,

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