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I appreciate the definition, Greg, and admit to being a perpetrator -- but only out of ignorance!  I truly thought that peeps were “little shorebirds I can’t identify”!!!

Sarah Faulkner


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(Greg asked me to post this for him since he is caught up in the no-posts-from-Yahoo mess.)

 become apparent to me, mainly on eBird but also CTBirds, that there is 
some misunderstanding over the term "peep" when referring to small 
sandpipers. There is a group of small sandpipers in the genus Calidris, 
but only the smallest 5 - Semipalmated, Least, Western, White-rumped and
 Baird's - are referred to as "peep" in North America. The other three -
 Sanderling, Dunlin and Pectoral - are not. Since there are very few 
actual "peep" around right now (just a few Least) it's apparent that 
some folks are referring to mixed groups of Sanderling
 and Dunlin as "peep." Until just a few minutes ago, the only correct 
 general term for those in eBird was something like "shorebird sp." or 
"sandpiper sp." I've added another term that can be used for mixed 
flocks of Sanderling and Dunlin - Calidris sp. This could also be used 
later in the spring migration if these species plus actual "peep" are 
all present in a large group where conditions make species ID difficult.

Greg Hanisek

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