[CT Birds] Great Gull Work Party Rescheduled for Friday Now

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Hi again:
                I apologize for all of the back and forth, but it seems all of the red tape has been cleared and the work party is now scheduled for Friday at 11 AM at Groton New London Airport.  Unfortunately, I have a meeting in Massachusetts that I can't miss that day, so we are down at least one person on the labor force.     Great Gull supports over 1,000 pairs of nesting Roseate Terns and 10,000 pairs of Common Terns.   There will likely be a need to have some island-based work parties as well in the relatively near term and I will post information about that when I have it.   Hopefully some folks can make it!

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Hello all,

Helen is in CT getting ready to go to Great Gull Island. She wanted me to let everyone that the helicopter has been approved to fly the lumber out to Great Gull Island for (Friday, April 25th now). They need help from any who can assist with the loading of the lumber on (Friday) morning at (11:00 am). The email from Major Ian Feyk with the address and directions is below.

Joe DiCostanzo ( for Helen Hays)


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We've been approved to conduct the Gull Island helicopter mission. We'd like to do the mission on (Friday 25 April)...

The address is 139 Tower Ave, Groton, CT 06340. This is a military facility on the airport...

volunteers should arrive at the address listed above at 1100. Military personnel will escort them to the airfield. It may take a couple hours to rig the lumber. A military forklift and driver will be on site to assist.

We will lift the wood in three loads to the island - on completion of the third lift the helicopter will land on the island to recover the rigging material and straps. A helicopter will return to the island to recover the three pallets used to haul the wood - all of the wood needs to be moved from the pallets by then. There can be no wood or debris left within

300 feet of the pallets by Thursday to avoid anything blowing away and injuring someone on Thursday.

Ian J. Feyk


Flight Operations Officer, AASF

Executive Officer, 1-169 AV

Thank you!


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