[CT Birds] Just One Week Left to Protect Important Bird Habitat in Connecticut!

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Wed Apr 30 14:18:50 EDT 2014

Take Action Today to Protect and Enhance Bird Habitat on DEEP Lands!

Dear Friend,

More than 400 species of birds are found in Connecticut, a remarkable number for a state as small as ours! Many of these birdsdepend on essential habitats provided by DEEP lands such as State Parks, State Forests, Wildlife Management Areas and Natural Area Preserves for their survival. Yet, only some of these lands are managed with birds in mind.

In the next few days, Connecticut lawmakers must decide whether to pass legislation proposed by Audubon to protect and enhance bird habitat on DEEP lands. We need your help to make sure our lawmakers make the right decision and support this important effort!

The bill – supported by DEEP and Environment Committee leaders – allows the agency to recognize Important Bird Areas on its lands, publicize those areas on its website, and establish a Bird Conservation Advisory Committee composed of partners from the birding and conservation community to assist in the effort. The program will focus attention on bird conservation, enhance funding opportunities, and help promote birding in Connecticut.

This would be a big victory for birds in our state! The bill doesn’t have a number yet – and it won’t unless you tell your lawmakers<http://ct.audubonaction.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=41107.0>how important it is to you!

Email your lawmakers NOW<http://ct.audubonaction.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=41107.0> and ask them to support legislation to protect and enhance bird habitat in Connecticut!

Click to send a message:http://ct.audubonaction.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=41107.0

Thank you for taking action to support this important effort!

Patrick Comins Audubon Connecticut

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