[CT Birds] Edgewood Park, New Haven - 9 warbler species, 4 shorebird species, Lincoln's Sparrow

Jacob Musser jacob.musser at yale.edu
Fri May 2 11:48:05 EDT 2014

Edgewood Park, New Haven this am - 58 total species
9 warbler species -  FOY (for me) Ovenbird, N. Waterthrush, B&W, C. 
Yellowthroat, Am. Redstart, N. Parula, Yellow warbler, and BT Blue.
4 shorebird species - G. Yellowlegs, L. Yellowlegs, Wilson's Snipe, 
Spotted Sandpiper.
Lincoln's Sparrow - Good bird for the spring. Seen well and at close 
range in brush next to bridge at north end of park (very close to the 
tennis courts).

Good birding,

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