[CT Birds] Bolton backyard -plus

Ernest Harris pdlqlt at mac.com
Fri May 2 18:05:00 EDT 2014

5-2-14- Bolton Backyard-6:30-7:30AM- Eastern Phoebe; Palm and Pine Warblers;Tree Swallow-FO; House Wren; Chimney Swift-FO; D-C Cormorants-FO-80!; Ruby-crowned Kinglet; Red-shouldered Hawk; still White-throated Sparrows ( 10+); Junco (1). 32 species. Later-Sharp-shinned Hawk; FOY- Ruby-throated Hummingbird (female)-5:15PM; Blue-gray Gnatcatcher-5:30PM. Elsewhere in Bolton: Gay City S.P.- Pileated Woodpeckers ( pr. at nest hole); Yellow-rumped Warbler; Ovenbird. Blackledge River/Deming St.- Louisiana Waterthrush; Yellow Warbler; Freja Pk. (Rt.6/44 entrance) Northern Mockingbird (pr.); Gray Catbird; two male Pileated Woodpeckers in a 30 minute behavior at the base of a large tree. Ernie

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