[CT Birds] Tricolored Blackbird (?) Vernon

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Apparently, there is enough variation in both sexes of both species that you
cannot "positively" identify from a field sighting.  I've been looking at
hundreds of posted pictures and the variations do seem to overlap in a small
percentage.  Same is pretty much true for habitat, behavior and song -
pretty wide variations that do overlap.  So, what I can say is that these
are the most tricolored looking blackbirds that you can see and if you saw
them in California they would BE Tricolored Blackbirds.  Since they are in
Connecticut, then pretty much by definition they can't be Tricolored and
have to be Red-winged.  

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I've positively identified Tricolored Blackbirds at my feeder in South
Glastonbury - four males and an female.  The field markings are without
question, and they also act and move differently than Red-wings - much more
choppy in their movement and they scare very easily in comparison.  


I believe there may be a flock near the South Glastonbury side of the ferry.
I was kayaking there when the water river was flooded two weeks ago and was
remarking to my daughter how the red-wings in CT seemed so different
(recently moved from PA).  They were in a flock (after migration), their
song sounded different and they were foraging in wetlands than in a field




Phil - South Glastonbury CT

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