[CT Birds] Milford LOY/FOY yard birds

wirthwitte at att.net wirthwitte at att.net
Sun May 4 22:28:20 EDT 2014

3/17 LOY Fox Sparrow

4/2   FOY Golden-crowned Kinglets
         FOY Eastern Phoebe

4/6   FOY Cedar Waxwings (and new yard bird)
         FOY Mockingbird

4/7    LOY Dark-eyed Junco

5/3   FOY Chipping Sparrow
         6 White-throated Sparrows continue

5/4   FOY Catbird
        FOY Rose-breasted Grosbeak (and new yard bird)
        2 White-throats continue 
        ...and a pair of Blue Jays are building a nest in view of my window

Winie Wirth, Milford CT

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