[CT Birds] Wilton:Blackburnian Warbler

Mike Warner mjwarner at optonline.net
Mon May 5 17:08:48 EDT 2014

5/5/14 Wilton, NRVT Trail -  2 Blackburnian Warblers 

    10:00 a.m.  -   The first Wilton segment of the Norwalk River Valley Trail opened last week.  I couldn't find a handy map page to link to this letter so here goes.  The multi purpose pathway starts at the Rt 7 commuter lot at the intersection of Rt 7 and Wolfpit Road.  The other end is along Raymond Lane, to the NE, between Sharp Hill Road and Dudley Road.  Either end is meant for and can accomodate parking.  The half-mile winding pathway runs through hardwood forest intersected by two small streams.  I started at the Rt 7 end, and needed to cross that busy road to get started.  Raymond Lane is a little-used side road and likely much safer.  Just before an elevated boardwalk, motion in the bushes caught my eye.  I saw 2 adult male Blackburnian Warblers with a Black-and-White Warbler busily feeding on the north side of the trail,  less than 50 feet away and only 6 feet above the ground. They stayed in view long enough to share the bino view with two other trail users!  There was also a Northern Parula a little further on.
     Please write to me off- list for any further information.  Good luck if you go.

Mike Warner
Wilton, Ct.

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