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I just had to comment on Steve's post about the circa 1965 Springbok bird
puzzle:  I had that same bird puzzle and loved it!  I remember doing it in
the winter with my mom and grandmother who also loved birds.  The bird
pictures were so beautiful!  I would say that that puzzle and the Roaring
Brook Nature Center in Canton were both big influences on my early interest
in birding.  One just never knows what impact environmental education will
have on a kid!

Ann Lewis

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> I've been away on business in the Palm Beach area in FL and finally
> returned last night. I was able to walk the Old Mill Road from Valley Road
> south, mid-morning, today. Things were slow, at first; 'nothing but the
> ubiquitous, parasitic Cowbirds.? I began to pick up a few birds as I headed
> back south, towards Route 63.?
> I encountered two male RB Grosbeaks singing like, "Robins with voice
> lessons".? I pished one of them in, right over my head. It stayed for an
> eternity, singing away.? It looked exactly like the image in that beautiful
> 500-piece Don Eckleberry puzzle (circa 1965) that I used to have, as a
> kid.? That round, white-background jigsaw puzzle, not the Golden Guide, not
> Peterson, probably first got me so interested in birding.
> After a while I walked past the grove of May Apple and all the understory
> of Barberry, and picked up a FOY Baltimore Oriole, Black and White Warbler,
> RE Vireo, Scarlet Tanager, 2 Ovenbird, Veery, American Redstart, 2 Wood
> Thrush, as well as BG Gnatcatcher, 2 Palm Warbler, YR Warbler, Am Robins, 2
> Downy Woodpecker, a Red-belly, 2 E Towhees, No Flicker, an overhead RT
> Hawk, a couple Blue Jays, etc.
> Also, dead-nuts in the middle of this dirt road, lay a beautifully fresh
> retrix of an adult RT Hawk. In accordance with 16 USC 703, I didn't even
> pick it up.?
> At the end of Old Mill Road, several acres had been clear-cutted.? This
> was one of only a couple spots in the entire New Haven SBC Circle, where
> Chestnut-sided Warbler nests.? I always say that I don't do math in
> public.? But the area of a circle is Pi times radius squared, and the
> radius of a Count Circle is 7.5 miles.? That's a heck of a lot of square
> miles.? I know the Regional Water Authority knows more about forest
> stewardship, than I'll ever know.? Still, it's sad to see that there won't
> be any Chestnut-sided Warblers to be found there.
> There was no Chestnut-sided Warbler on that old Springbok puzzle. I'll
> still miss it, though.
> Steve Mayo
> Bethany
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