[CT Birds] Two Goshawk Reports

Kateri Kosek katrose at frontiernet.net
Mon May 5 23:25:09 EDT 2014

To add to the Goshawks coming out of the woodwork, I may have seen one this morning as well. I was driving on Rt. 44 between Norfolk and Winsted, and what looked like a pale accipiter with a noticeably heavyset body swooped into the woods on the side of the road. I can't be sure, as I only got a glimpse and didn't see where it went. But I was right in the middle of a lot of state forest land.

Also, I discovered some excellent trails right in the center of Canaan today. I walked two segments of the North Canaan Greenway Trail. One is only a quarter mile and is sandwiched behind a McDonalds and a church, but it was beautiful, and full of birds, including Rough-winged Swallow and Blue-winged Warbler. The other section was bigger with a nice marsh, and had Least Flycatchers, redstart, Chestnut-sided, Warbling Vireo. 

29 species within earshot of Canaan traffic, and that was starting at 11 in the morning. Had no idea this was there. Nice job Canaan!

Kateri Kosek
Sheffield, MA
On Monday, May 5, 2014 10:15 PM, Russ Smiley <arsmiley at comcast.net> wrote:

>Jeremy's report reminded me that a week or so back I saw what I thought was
>a goshawk while I was driving on Route 2 through the forest between
>Glastonbury and Marlborough. I saw it only backlit in profile, but it was
>large accipiter, had a deliberate wing beat, and a long straight tail. I
>think it was being hounded by a blackbird. At the time I suspected it was
>just wandering through, and I thought "wouldn't it be nice to have one
>resident over on this side of the river". Now with Jeremy's report, perhaps
>we are so fortunate.
>Russ Smiley
>Marlborough, CT
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>Passing these along.
> From Art Gingert:
>May 4 2014
>Angevine Farm, Route 341, Warren CT.
>Stooping adult male NORTHERN GOSHAWK.
> From Jeremy Schwartz
>Hi. While driving on Rte 66 near Hebron (near Skyline farm), a large
>accipiter I assume must have been a Goshalk flew up. For some reason, I
>didn’t pull over to confirm, but it had the shape and flight of an
>accipiter, I could see the striped tail, and it seemed the size of a
>red-tail. I saw it at about 1:30 this afternoon.
>Thought I’d report it. (I also put it on e-bird.)
>Roy Harvey
>Beacon Falls, CT
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