[CT Birds] Dead Birds Wanted!

Kathy Van Der Aue kathyvda at gmail.com
Tue May 6 15:58:24 EDT 2014

As you may know the Connecticut Audubon Society is in the process of
redesigning and  refurbishing the exhibits within the Birdcraft Museum.
With many of the specimens being well over a hundred years old, a number of
the birds might look better. So we are asking that if anyone comes across
any fresh and intact bird, we would appreciate it greatly if you would tag
it (date, place, your name), bag it, put it in your freezer, and call us.
We are especially interested in acquiring new spring plumage song birds,
shore birds, birds of prey, and any other unique birds of Connecticut.
Obviously we are not too interested in common stuff (starlings, grackles,
etc..).  And you should know that CAS has a USF&W Salvage Permit so we can
get and keep such specimens.

Please contact either me kathyvda at gmail.com  or Miley Bull at
mbull at ctaudubon.org


Kathy Van Der Aue
Southport, Connecticut
Visit my Blog at http://naturaliststable.wordpress.com

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