[CT Birds] Shelton Sightings

Cynthia Fazekas cyndilue at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 6 21:25:59 EDT 2014

Over the weekend a couple of male RB Grosbeaks appeared. They both have interesting streaking. The red extends down the middle of the breast. Not sure if this is atypical or not as we are novices.  We've had RB Grosbeaks in our yard in previous years and don't recall seeing similar markings.

Also today a Baltimore Oriole showed up at our feeders. He appeared to have some extra bright orange on his scapular. Does this indicate possible hybrid with Bullocks?  

Hoping some experienced birders might look at the photos and email or comment to let us know.



Cyndi Fazekas
Shelton, CT

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