[CT Birds] Northern Goshawk - West Hartford yard

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Tue May 6 22:23:54 EDT 2014

After spending two and half hours this afternoon refilling bird feeders,
boiling up some new hummingbid nectar, cleaning the suet holders and
nailing half-oranges to trees, just as I sat down to rest, I was rewarded
with a small hawk that swooped into the yard and flew not three feet over
my head.  It landed in a maple very close to the house and allowed me to
observe it clearly with binox.  It was definitely a juvenile goshawk, with
a dusty brown back, light and dark brown bands on the tail ending in a thin
white ege stripe, a dark eye line under a faint white stripe, streaky brown
and white feathers on the neck and face.  Unlike my Sibley app, however,
this bird's back was uniformly dusty brown, not speckled.  And such bright
yellow eyes.  I realized that for a few minutes before the goshawk dived
in, the yard had grown very quiet.  It was as if all my noisy, busy, chirpy
yardbirds had disappeared.  Now I know why!

Katherine Kuckens

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