[CT Birds] Bobwhite and other stuff.....

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Wed May 7 19:16:40 EDT 2014

Wed morning, Sunrise and Machimoodus State Parks, Moodus: 

Russ beat me to the N Bobwhite by 20 minutes. I guess these birds get released in the fall; this one apparently made it through a tough winter.
Also had an adult B.eagle flying over the Salmon River.
Among other treats were Pileated Woodpecker, perched female Ruby-thr Hummingbird, 3 Bl-gray Gnatcatchers, Red-eyed Vireo, 3 singing Prairie Warblers, 5 Pine Warblers (several of which were working to sort things out, with one male and one female nearby that clearly already had it all figured out), singing Scarlet Tanager. One guy was belting out a song I did not recognize; 1st thought-R-breasted Grosbeak, 2nd thought-Purple Finch, 3rd thought-why not find the bird?  Orchard Oriole in full song. The female wasn’t fooled-she was all over him. Ah, Spring!
Disappointed to not find any Bank Swallows nesting in the sand banks in Machimoodus.

Rob Mirer

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