[CT Birds] Glastonbury, Portland - Whip-poor-wills

Kelly Radding kradding at mac.com
Fri May 9 08:33:12 EDT 2014

It is so nice to see this report of Whip-poor-wills. I grew up at the top of Clark Hill Road with the power lines and the Meshomasic behind us. Whip-poor-wills were very common, including the one that used to call all night long outside our bedroom windows. Remember this was before we used air-conditioners and our windows were open. I remember my brother warning that he was going to use his bb gun on it because he couldn't get any sleep!

We were all heartbroken (even my brother) when one of our cats came home with a dead Whip-poor-will and our night-time concert was silent. Over the years they declined, my parents left in the late 90's and I remember my mother telling me that she had not heard the Whip-poor-wills for a long time. She would be very happy to hear that they are back.

I will be sure to take a drive out to listen to the concert again.

Kelly Radding

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