[CT Birds] Portland, Wethersfield/RHill, East Hartford,

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Fri May 9 18:02:37 EDT 2014

From Dan Rottino:
5/09/14 - Portland, Wangunk Meadows WMA -- 1 BLACKPOLL WARBLER heard, 1 adult WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW.  46 GREAT BLUE HERON, 50 CHIMNEY SWIFT.
East Hartford, Cabela's Field-- 1 GRASSHOPPER SPARROW seen and several more heard, 1 UPLAND SANDPIPER, 3 BOBOLINK (FOY), 1 AMERICAN KESTREL, 8 EASTERN MEADOWLARK.
Wethersfield Meadows-- 15 SOLITARY SANDPIPER at the north end with an assortment of other shorebirds.  The road south to Rocky Hill was messy and under repair but the RH section was ok and there I found a BOBOLINK.

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Dan Rottino
East Haddam, CT

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