[CT Birds] I have a question for this site.

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Sat May 10 22:38:18 EDT 2014

Thanks all for the replies to my asking for your White-t-Sparrow dates and sightings. I am filing them all for future work. I still have 3 here in Harwinton, and believe the pair of Junco are nesting nearby. 
I have a question for this site. 

Today, while sitting with my Chickens down near the back woods, I saw our yearly resident Hermit Thrush working the wet forested edge for food. I noticed it does almost the same as a Robin does while listening and looking for food on the ground.My question is this.....

Did our American Robin do the same as this Hermit Thrush did (Both being Thrushes) by searching for food on the ground within and under the forest before we settlers, developers invented the Grass Lawn? And - How and why and when did the Robin change over to living their lives dependent on our cut grass lawns ? The Robin seems to be almost completely dependent now on this new life style, and why didn't the Hermit and other closely related Thrushes do the same? 

Paul Carrier  - Harwinton     

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