[CT Birds] White-winged Scoter at Milford

Chris Bosak bozclark at earthlink.net
Mon May 12 17:30:24 EDT 2014

5-12-14 - Coastal Center at Milford Point - While doing shorebird monitoring this morning I came across a White-winged Scoter on the beach as shorebirds walked all around it. Earlier I had seen the scoter swimming and later I saw it fly, so it appeared healthy. Hours later when I looked at the photos I took, I noticed it has a protrusion of some sort on the back of its head. It was not windy this morning, so it is not merely feathers blowing in the wind. I looked at other photos of this species online and did not notice anything like it in any other photos. Any thoughts on what it might be? Photos at www.birdsofnewengland.com. 
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Chris Bosak

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