[CT Birds] East and West Rock - Y-b Cuckoo+

Peter J De Gennaro degennap at bc.edu
Mon May 12 21:29:15 EDT 2014

5/12 - West Rock Ridge SP, New Haven - Best bird was a Yellow-billed Cuckoo
over the Judges Cave trail past the main scrub oak section. 9 species of
warbler - most were in one flock on the road near the gate including Canada
and Nashville. Worm-eating Warblers and Wood Pewees back on territory.The
rhododendron thickets would be good spots for Kentucky Warbler, but no such
luck today.

East Rock Park, Hamden - River path - Not much singing late morning: 2
Common Ravens, Wilson's Warbler. 3 Northern Waterthrushes, nesting Yellow
Warblers, 10 species of warbler

Peter DeGennaro

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