[CT Birds] Songfinder device

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Tue May 13 12:37:35 EDT 2014

This year, I relied on my Songfinder to hear the warblers. Like many other birders, I have lost my hearing in the higher frequencies. This meant that I could not hear many birds such as grasshopper sparrow, blackpoll warbler, and much more. Last year I purchased a Songfinder as a birthday gift to myself. This device selectively lowers the frequency of high pitched birds. It is adjustable depending on how much hearing loss one may have. It also amplifies the sound. You wear the lightweight headphones and carry a very small device in your pocket.

Though the songs sound different in a lower key, with practice you can learn to recognize them. Birds that already are at a lower frequency like cardinals and robins are unchanged. 

Even really good hearing aids cannot pick up these very high frequencies. Until I got this, I NEVER knew what I was missing. Today I heard every redstart....something I could not do before. The woods were alive with bird song. Just for kicks, I turned off the device and what did I hear? Silence!

It was not cheap. If I recall it was close to $700. Serious birders would probably spend more than that on a good pair of binoculars. But hearing the birds again...I never realized how important it was until now. The website is www.hearbirdsagain.com  I have no commercial interest in this...just recommending a great product.


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