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Fri May 16 20:43:19 EDT 2014

Passing this along for Kevin Finnan.

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 Subject: Goshen Philadelphia Vireo
From Kevin Finnan <kfinnan at aol.com>:

5/16 - Goshen, Woodridge Lake neighborhood - Philadelphia Vireo

While the nearby lake was not very active, except for numerous Swallows, the vicinity of our street did experience a small wave over the past hour. Most interesting was a Philadelphia Vireo, which exhibited a fairly bright yellow throat & upper breast, dark lore and, in contrast with a resident Red-eyed Vireo, a shorter, stockier appearance. The two Vireos mixed it up briefly with the resident RE prevailing.

On the lake, it was interesting that two Bank Swallows found making progress against the wind very difficult while Tree Swallows struggled only mildly and Barn Swallows had no problems flying around at all.

Kevin Finnan

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