[CT Birds] Magnolia Warbler, Redstart, Blackburnian - Bethany

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 17 10:45:21 EDT 2014

Several Magnolias and American Redstarts around the yard, as well as at the edges of the Old Bethany Airport.  Blackburnian at the entrance to the white trail.

Plenty of Barn Swallows chattering away, back at the Airport fields since at least May 3.  They always remind me of that objective, scientific reason why Barn Swallows can't sing.  

In ancient Greece when Philomela was horribly assaulted by her brother in law King Tereus, she remained defiant, and threatened to tell her sister (Tereus' wife) Procne.  Tereus cut out her tongue, but Philomela wove a tapestry, telling the tale to Procne.  The two sisters enacted an equally nasty revenge on Tereus, and after, when Tereus was just about to catch and kill the two sisters, the gods intervened and turned them into birds (Philomela a Swallow, Procne a mournful nightingale).  

So swallows, descended from the tongue-less Philomela, can only chatter.

It's in Ovid (and the internet) so it must be true...

Steve Mayo

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