[CT Birds] CTBirds News - Please Read!!!

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Mon May 19 22:12:38 EDT 2014

I am about to make a change that affects the way CTBirds works.  I want everyone to hear about it before it happens.

Over a month ago Yahoo made a change in how their customers' email is handled that essentially broke all mailing lists like this one.  Shortly after that AOL followed their lead.  As a result I was forced to block all posts to CTBirds from subscribers with @yahoo.com and @aol.com addresses.

That really stinks, both for all those who can not post and for me trying to get their reports out to the list.

Tonight I am making a change that will again allow those people to post freely to CTBirds.  BUT, it isn't quite that simple.  (Is anything ever simple?)

Up until this change the email address of the originator was shown correctly on all list messages.  After, I believe, it will show as the list itself originating every post.  I will know for certain after the change.  THIS AFFECTS ALL POSTS, FROM ALL USERS, REGARDLESS OF THEIR EMAIL VENDOR.

Also, I have seen a vague warning that there can be line-wrap issues with some email tools.  Translated, depending on where you read the emails they might look different/funny/wrong.  I wish I knew what that will be like and how many will be affected but we will have to just wait and see.

I will post a follow-up message when the change has been made.

Cross your fingers everyone.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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