[CT Birds] Bird ID question

Barbara Garrett via CTBirds ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org
Tue May 20 06:43:49 EDT 2014

I’m a novice and need some help.  Yesterday I briefly saw a bird I’ve never seen on my sunflower seed feeder.  It saw my movement and flew away quickly, but here’s what I saw:
  a.. Robin or slightly larger size (from feet to crest) 
  b.. Slender profile 
  c.. Brown back (could have been speckled, didn’t see it well) 
  d.. Solid cream breast 
  e.. Light colored legs (flew away so fast I couldn’t tell if they were light brown, yellow or pink) 
  f.. The most unusual marking was a black (or very dark brown) thick stripe running strait down the center of the breast from just above inside neck line to mid breast
I’ve search Cornell website, Sibleys and Audubon books and for the life of me cannot seem to identify it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated...


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