[CT Birds] eBird gadgets on BirdBot page down

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Tue May 20 13:10:38 EDT 2014

I was made aware that the eBird gadgets on the "Birdbot" page of the COA
website are not working. I discovered that this external resource is down
for maintenance and will likely be back online this evening. The author
didn't share what the problem was. Thanks to Charles Barnard for bringing
this to my attention.

BirdTrax Down Until 5/20/2014

BirdTrax is temporarily down until tomorrow evening at the latest. I have
identified the issue and will be able to fix the bug in relatively short
order tomorrow. My time has been extremely limited since I have been
jumping between birding festivals, and have not been able to get behind a
computer for coding time. Thank you much for your patience, and I hope to
have it back up and running as usual by tomorrow evening. Thanks again for
your patience!


Steve Morytko
COA website admin

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