[CT Birds] Hartman Park: Cerulean Warblers and No. Waterthrush

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Fri May 23 15:22:23 EDT 2014

I took Maggie Peretto to Gungy Rd. Powercut and Hartman Park today for a quick hour and a half trip before she had to board the boat here in Waterford for the Tern Work Weekend in LI Sound.  So we drove down Gungy Rd. rather quickly just listening, more of the same that I reported on yesterday, but we did get super looks at a perched m and f Scarlet Tanager.  We heard 1 Cerulean on the road.  Gungy Road Powercut was deader than a door nail, perhaps due to the gloomy conditions and light rain.   Not even a Prairie Warbler was singing.  We did see, however, a good sized flock of Cedar Waxwings.  Great Crested Flycatchers, Orioles, and a Rose-breasted Grosbeak were singing in the background.

Hartman Park rewarded us with 3 or 4 Cerulean Warblers, very high up and very colorless due to the gray light.  We had good looks at 2 No. Waterthrush, 2 YT Vireos, and heard Scarlet Tanagers singing as well as Worm-eating Warblers.   The high point for us was watching a f. Yellow Warbler going back and forth to a nest right at eye level.  Maggie was able to get some really good pics.  I, of course, forgot my camera.  Lots of RE Vireos, Warbling Vireos, and Redstarts calling.

We only walked as far as the picnic table circle and then we needed to leave so I could drop Maggie off at the boat.

Carolyn Cimino
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