[CT Birds] Milford Point, Black Terns (fly-bys)

charles barnard jr via CTBirds ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org
Mon May 26 11:03:11 EDT 2014

From: Charlie Barnard Jr, 5/26/14, Milford Point

Two Black Terns were fly-bys at about 9:20 AM this morning. They crossed
over the western end of the plover nesting spit and turned back towards the
Housatonic River. I lost sight of them after that and they did not
reappear. Also present were 7 Black Skimmers and 7 Red Knot. One Red Knot
had a plastic flag band on its upper leg, but I could not get the color or
code due to back-lighting and distance.

Charlie Barnard Jr

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